Article by: Aayush Gupta

Ask anyone at ISM about the new upcoming Marvel or Star Wars movies, and chances are they will know exactly what you’re talking about. However, ask someone about the film that was created after hours of tireless effort put in by ISM’s very own students, and very few will have an idea of what you’re referring to. This issue is not only relevant to ISM, but to the world in general. Every year, hundreds of smaller scale, unknown movies go unnoticed. These movies often involve extremely talented actors and filmmakers, who often don’t receive the exposure they deserve. At ISM, there is no shortage of such talented artists, so let’s take a look at some of the best short films that have been created over the past few years by ISM students!

According to Ms. Hartley, a film teacher at ISM, a good film requires just the right balance between creativity and classical filming techniques. She claims that she strives to design projects to nurture and encourage creative decisions by the students, but simultaneously has to add some restrictions to enable students to explore different ways of filming a scene.

When asked about the most memorable film from the past few years, Ms. Hartley commented that it was a “difficult question, since there are so many excellent films.” However, she did provide some of her personal favourites, which are linked below. Ms. Hartley claims that these short films stands out since they “blend creative ideas and film techniques in a unique way.” She further commented that “some of those films have a really great sound design, and some have excellent cinematography.” Furthermore, she explained that a multitude of the student films are shown at ISM’s Film Festival, held towards the end of the school year. However, the ones she prefers the most are the works of IB Film students, as “it’s amazing to see how much they have grown as filmmakers.”

Clearly, there is no shortage of budding, talented filmmakers here at ISM. However, in order to fully reward their hours of hard work, it would be a great initiative to support the IB Film students by giving their work more exposure!

Link to various student films

Dyslexia – by Daniel Jachim, Javier Syquia, Liah Gomez

The ISM community reflects on its experiences and thoughts regarding dyslexia in this documentary-styled short film.

Love. Passion. Trust. (Music video) – by Alejandro Minana, Jason Fresnedi, and Lukas Fiechter

A boy expresses his feelings through this emotional and soothing music video juxtaposed with beautiful, natural scenes.

Tayo – by Myles Rublee

This short film depicts an extremely heartbreaking story of how a mother leaves her son to go abroad to find work, so that she can provide for his education.

Rather Be (Music Video) – by Angelica Cucueco

A girl’s display of her emotional conflict via footage of her experiences playing along the tunes of the popular song “Rather Be.”

The Red Ball – by Enzo Mapua

A girl is alone at home when she hears some mysterious noises. Then, strange events begin taking place, making her afraid for her life.

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