Staycation Destinations

Compiled by: Kylie Cyhn

Images compiled by: Nina Mabasa

ISM students are buzzing with excitement over October Break, with holiday plans ranging from a trip to the beach to a visit to DisneyLand. All those people staying in Manila must be so unlucky, right? Wrong! There are so many things that ISM students could do during the break that could be just as must fun and interesting as taking a trip abroad. Another benefit is that all of these activities are very convenient and thus can be visited many times throughout the vacation. There are multiple activities available for everyone to take part in, so no matter what you’re interested in, there’s bound to be a place for you.

For the active student who wants to get moving:

1. Jumpyard



Jumpyard, located in Pasig, is a large trampoline park, with many trampolines for people to jump around and have fun with.

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2. Trapeze



The trapeze center located in Taguig is a great way to get active with a thrilling experience in the air. Although it may be a bit frightening in the beginning, it is a really interesting and action-packed activity that anyone could do. It gets bonus points for being so close to home!

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3. Rock Climbing



Rock Climbing is located in many places, but the closest is right in the Fort at ROX. It is a fun activity, and can be done regularly since it is so close by to increase intensity of the climbing and build endurance.

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4. Lazer Tag


Lazer Tag, located in Market Market, is a very entertaining and collaborative way to spend the day as well. Lazer Tag is a game in where the objective is to ‘shoot’ (flash lasers at a certain area of a suit) as many people from an opposing team as you can. It’s a great place to bond with family or a group of friends!

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For those who would rather have some quiet and peaceful time to relax and unwind after working so hard in school for the last few months:

1. Animal Cafes



Animal cafes have recently been growing in popularity, and they are in abundance in the Philippines. Velvet Cat Friends Cat Cafe Company in Makati has a homey and comfortable atmosphere with adorable cats, making it a great place to read a book and pet cats. For the more canine-inclined animal lover, Pups and Cups is a popular destination.

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2. Restaurants such as Antonio’s in Tagaytay



Restaurants provide great meals and an often much-needed change in scenery. Recommended by freshman Stella G., Antonio’s in Tagaytay provides great food and beautiful surroundings, excellent for wandering around and relaxing after a filling meal.

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3. Museums



The Mind Museum in Taguig, with its interesting and engaging exhibits, is a great way to spend the day. Freshman Carina S., states that “[museums] are a great way to pass time. People usually think that staying in the city is quite boring, [but] you don’t need to go to the beach or some exotic place abroad to have fun.

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