Halloween Costumes: Ideas & Inspiration

Compiled by: Kamille Jude

October 31st is a date known to many as Halloween––a day where we can dress up to be whatever we want and eat all the candy our stomachs can possibly handle. What is it about this holiday that gets us so excited weeks in advance? Is it the anticipation of seeing everyone’s costume? The thrill of trick or treating? Well, as Halloween occurs on the eve of All Saints’ Day, it’s centered around this idea of the coalesce of the worlds of the living and the dead.

This means that wearing the proper attire for the occasion tends to be an important aspect in this celebration, and hence dressing up as something ‘scary’ or ‘spooky’ would usually be the norm. However, as time has passed people have become more creative with their costume choices as they’ve evolved from being just scary to incorporate a variety of different categories into the mix. We all understand the struggle of finding the perfect Halloween costume––and as many ISM students, busy with assessments and tests tend to leave it to the last minute, here are some great options for this coming Halloween!

1. Pop Tart



Everyone’s favorite childhood snack––Pop Tarts. Check out the DIY for this costume here.

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2. Harley Quinn


With the recent release of Suicide Squad that had many ISM students buzzing, many have been inspired by the unique and eccentric look of the Joker’s sidekick, Harley Quinn. So although we may be seeing a lot of her this year, don’t be afraid to change it up a bit and go for her more original look!

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3. Dinosaur



Channel your inner Jurassic Park fan with this fun costume!

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4. Pineapple



When in doubt, this super easy DIY costume is perfect for brightening up the Halloween mood!

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5. Tom Cruise – Top Gun



Who wouldn’t want to look like Tom Cruise?

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6. Iron Chef



This punny costume is sure to get some laughs with your friends (especially the chemistry enthusiasts).

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7. Blue Partysuit



Sometimes the pressure of finding a Halloween costume can just be too much. So putting on a morphsuit and just calling it quits might be what you need––if you’re not looking to put too much effort into an outfit.

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Hopefully these suggestions have sparked some creativity in your endeavours towards finding a Halloween costume this year!