“IASAS, Yay!”

Article by: Meg Barraca

Photograph by: Patrice Yam

As first season IASAS comes to a close, one cannot help but reminisce about the amazing atmosphere it brings, filled with the spirit of unity and friendly rivalry. The competition and sportsmanship between the six schools is one that all ISM students have come to love. Whether students have watched it from the sidelines or participated themselves, each have, in their own sense, felt the undeniable spirit that IASAS brings.

IASAS plays a big role in bringing the community together, especially when travelling abroad. Sophomore Raina S. reminisces about her first experience participating in IASAS badminton as a freshman, when her team travelled to Singapore American School. Although she was slightly nervous because she was the youngest member, she found that her fellow upperclassmen teammates were very supportive.

“It’s very encouraging to see your teammates cheer you on when you’re playing your matches,” she says. “When we made it to the semifinals, our teammates jumped over the barrier, and ran into the court to celebrate.”

Of course, when IASAS is hosted at our very own school, the amount of Bearcat spirit in the atmosphere is just insurmountable. Josh A. played on the touch varsity team last year and describes the support they received as “a wonder to experience. I would say that the spirit from the crowd was one of the key factors that motivated both the rugby and touch teams to win gold last year,” he said. “Everyone cheering, applauding and just flat out screaming in support for us was just so amazing.”

However, the IASAS spirit doesn’t only apply to sports but also extends to the arts through the IASAS Cultural Convention, more commonly known as Culcon.

“It’s really different from sports IASAS,” says Rocio T. (10), an IASAS dance and drama participant. Rather than having a competitive atmosphere, participants in CulCon are invited to admire each other’s performances and immerse in the various cultures their host country has to offer. “Everybody is so nice to each other because everybody works together,” Rocio says, “and in the process, you get to meet so many new friends!”

Although the spirit of first season may slowly fade, ISM students, young and old alike, will always cherish the memories that IASAS brings. The best part? Knowing that another exciting season is always just around the corner.