Month: November 2016

Thanksgiving Celebrations at ISM

Article by Seo Young Oh Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year in Canada and the United States. Originating as a harvest festival, it can be traced back to 1612 at the Plymouth Plantation. The pilgrims, or the religious refugees, from England invited the local Native Americans to […]


Counselor Advice to Upperclassmen

Article by Audrey Sy As the last two-week stretch before ICARE, and three week stretch until the end of the semester rolls in, seniors all around struggle with the looming weight of college applications. For some, it is an incredibly challenging and confusing time, and as such we interviewed two senior guidance counselors, Mr. Douglas McQueen […]


Quiz: What Should You Have for Lunch?

Compiled by Meg Barraca Picture this: It’s 11:20. Class ends in five minutes. You sneak a glance at the clock on the back wall and try to ignore the growling in your belly for the nth time since school started. Five minutes seems more like five hours, but finally, the bell rings. You bolt to […]