Quiz: Which Member of Faculty Are You Most Like?

Compiled by Selina de Dios

Photographs by Justine Lee

Do you ever find yourself relating to some teachers more than others? Perhaps you share some interests, hobbies, talents or qualities with them. While you may have never thought about this, it’s not too far fetched to think that maybe we are like some of our teachers in one way or another, and this quiz is here to test just that. Are you ready to find out which member of the ISM high school faculty you are most like?

  1. What is your favorite cereal?

A. Muesli

B. Cheerios

C. Cinnamon Life

D. Cornflakes

E. Captain Crunch

  1. What is your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

A. Sleep

B. Play music records

C. Charity work

D. Something sporty! Watch basketball or run 5k.

E. Hang out with friends and family

  1. What is your favourite subject in high school?

A. English

B. Spanish


D. Biology

E. The Arts

  1. What is your favorite month?

A. May

B. June

C. July

D. December

E. January

  1. What is your favorite holiday?

A. Christmas

B. Easter

C. International Lefthanders Day

D. Valentine’s Day

E. Thanksgiving

  1. What is your favorite exotic animal?

A. Elephant

B. Monkey

C. Komodo Dragon

D. Gorilla

E. Manta Ray

  1. What talent do you wish you had?

A. Play the Guitar

B. Play the Piano

C. Sing and Dance

D. Dunk a Basketball

E. Play the Harmonica

  1. What is your Starbucks order?

A. Latte

B. Regular Cappuccino

C. Haha! I don’t drink coffee, I never go to Starbucks

D. Tall Brewed Coffee with Non-fat Steamed Milk

E. Venti Non-fat Latte Extra Shot One Splenda

  1. What is your biggest strength?

A. People Person

B. Passionate

C. Growing Sweet Mustaches in a Short Period of Time

D. Detail Orientated

E. Writing

If you got mostly As:

img_4950You are most like Mr. Vithayathil, the high school business teacher who is not only known for his crazy in-class antics, but is particularly famous for his short stint performing on stage during the high school play.

If you got mostly Bs:


You are most like Mr. MacInnes, one of the high school Spanish teachers, who also acts as the loud and spirited grade level coordinator for the senior batch. Outside of class, you’ll usually find Mr. Mac on the high school field where he extends his time to coaching football or running with students.

If you got mostly Cs:


You are most like Mr. Highland, a high school Biology teacher by day, but a star boxer by night. Also, if you’re perpetually stressed, it may be useful to note that he has a mini petting zoo in his classroom.

If you got mostly Ds:


You are most like Mr. McQueen, one of the high school counsellors, who also doubles as the varsity girls’ basketball coach. Maybe the reason you relate to him so much is because he has a son in  high school who keeps him hip and updated.

If you got mostly Es:


You are most like Ms. Thompson, one of the spunkiest English teachers in the high school department. You can often hear music blaring from her classroom, and her cheerful greetings constantly echo through the hallways.