Article by Margarita Te

On the evening of November 4th ISM hosted its annual fundraiser running event, Run to the Sun. The first ever Run to the Sun happened in February, but this time, it was pushed back much earlier, being hosted in early November from 6pm to 6am of November 5th. During these twelve hours, enthusiastic students and faculty came out to walk, jog, or run around the track in teams for the entire night to support a great variety of causes.

One of the prerequisites to partake in the event is to contribute at least 12,000 pesos per team entered, which is eventually donated to ISM’s service partners including Papaya Academy, Guitnangbayan Elementary School, PCF, and Holy Family School. Many opted to run in teams of up to twelve people to raise their donation money. Only high schoolers and faculty were permitted to stay for the full twelve hours; however, at this year’s Run to the Sun, a newly implemented feature, titled “Run to the Sunset,” invited elementary students to participate from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on the evening of November 4th.

“The challenge was for ES students and their families to run continuously for an hour. We had about about fifty participants in total for that event. It was a blast,” said Mr. Hall, advisor for Run to the Sun.

With over 150 attendees, the fundraiser earned 200,000 pesos to be donated to charity. Mr. Hall remarked that he was delighted with the turnout.

“It was great to see so many people excited and willing to take part,” he commented. “We made a solid amount of money for our service partners, so I’m really happy that they will benefit from this too.”

For the students, the event was a way to contribute to the community as well as have fun. Sophomore Sofia DL. says that she “wanted to join because it was for charity and figured it would be nice to do something interesting, while still indirectly helping someone at the same time.” Her favorite part was “bonding with [her] team and staying up with them the entire night.”     Meanwhile, junior Bianca A. and her friends “had been planning on attending Run to the Sun since last year, as the videos and advertising made it seem really fun,” and they were certainly not disappointed!

“I really enjoyed it!” said Bianca. “There were lots of people on my team who I wasn’t very close with, but we all bonded really well, and it was nice to get to know them better.” Both students added that they would “definitely do it again next year!”

When asked about changes from last year, aside from Run to the Sunset, Mr. Hall replied that the council had organized “regular mini games and raffles throughout the night to keep people going through the dark hours.” Next year, however, new features will include a bigger expansion for Run to the Sunset, greater participation from parents and middle school, and grander prizes in the raffle!

Evidently, all the participants—student and faculty alike—had a great time. With that, and all the additions in store for the future, make sure to come out and take part in next year’s Run to the Sun!

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