Athlete In Focus: Kemueli N.

Article by Sally Jang

Photograph by Shiho Kasai

In any sport, it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to become a high achiever. Excelling in one field is already an exceptional accomplishment for an athlete — but what about someone who excels in three different sports? This week’s Athlete in Focus features one of ISM’s finest: Kemueli N., living proof that nothing is impossible with strong determination.

Kemueli N., a senior, is an IASAS participant for volleyball, rugby, and track and field. His achievements earned him a well-deserved title of being one of the most successful ISM student athletes. Among his long list of recognitions include MVP honors for both volleyball and rugby, a 4-year award for rugby, and a cap for the Philippine U19s rugby 7’s team. His most recent addition was the second place finish for the boys volleyball team last October in Taipei. But there is no stopping Kemueli. His next goal is to defend the gold with boys rugby as a co-captain in Jakarta.

The limelight is not the only perk of being an athlete according to Kemueli. Sport is also an effective “stress reliever” for him and a perfect way to stay in shape. It has also given him the opportunity to travel and compete with other IASAS schools. Most important, however, is the fact that his sports experiences have been an important tool in shaping his life as a student in ISM.

“From training with my close friends to team bonding and being part of a varsity team, participating in games and tournaments has really been an eyeopener for myself,” Kemueli says. When asked the most coveted question, “What’s the key to your success?” Kemueli answered with a humorous response: “Eating unhealthy food. But I also make sure that I am able to work my butt off during practice, training and fitness.”

One thing learned from Kemueli is that it does not take great talent to excel in anything one does. Kemueli is a perfect example of how hard work pays off; with the right amount of determination, enthusiasm and humility, one can be best in anything he or she wants to be. We can all be a Kemueli inside. Why not try today?