ISM’s Favorite School Essentials

Compiled by Kamille Jude

Photograph by Charvie Yadav

It is no secret that ISM students have certain clothing regulations regarding uniform. However, this does not completely limit the way in which students are able to express themselves within the community. One outlet of expression includes the various trends in accessories that people take to such as unique pencil cases, backpacks, cute stationery, water bottles––the list goes on! The outbreak of certain trends varies over the course of the year and greatly depends on what new products brands release and how they are marketed. With the holidays and new year right around the corner, it makes it the perfect time to shop for some essentials for next semester. This way when you come back to school refreshed from the break, you will be 100% ready and motivated to tackle any task that comes your way!

Stationery Equipment:

Muji Pens


The 0.38 gel ink pens from Muji have become very popular within the ISM community due to the various colors that it comes in and the clarity and smoothness which it writes with.

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Frixion Pens


These erasable pens come in handy as mistakes can be easily fixed and they come in all the different colors of the rainbow!

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Typo Pencil Cases


Typo is a brand famous for its trendy and decorative stationery equipment––and along with this, it also has simplistic and neutral pencil cases that cater to a very diverse demographic.

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This is an essential label for many students as the majority have probably owned a Jansport backpack at least once in their lives! This goes to show the reliability of this brand which is able to cater to the masses.



Now, this brand of backpacks was popularized within the ISM community later than Jansport––but still proves to be of very good quality and offers versatile styles and designs.

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Nike Sports Bags


For the athletes among us, Nike sports bags can be seen as a necessity since they are capable of holding vast amounts of equipment and come in both neutral and funky, unique designs!

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Water bottles

S’well Water Bottles


With their stylish and sleek appearance, these water bottles are one of the most aesthetic ones out there––which will encourage many students to stop using plastic water bottles and take the more sustainable route.

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Sold in the Bearcat Den, Camelbaks are very accessible and can hold up to 750mL of water to ensure that students are well hydrated for their day at school.

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There may be obvious patterns in the latest trends within the Bearcat community but this doesn’t mean you are innately bound to conform. So if you find the product or brand that works for you, don’t be afraid use it! Have fun shopping!