BOB 2017: Behind the Scenes

BOB 2017: Behind the Scenes

Article by Audrey Sy

The turn of the new year means that ISM is kicking off 2017 with one of its biggest events of the year: BOB Prelims and BOB Finals. Although Prelims is only meant to be the prequel to the epic BOB Finals, it still gives ISM students a chance to show off their musical skills, relax, and and enjoy some of the talent that ISM has to offer. As such, we decided to interview both new and returning bands to get to know what preparing for such a widely attended event is like!


Dashboard Dolls (11): Claire S., Hannah A., Ryan L., Sophia Q., Emma F. (10)

Memé (12): Simona G.: singer, Sofie J.: bass, Shani S.: drums, Marco.: guitar, Sophy M.: guitar, Gabe A.: piano

What’s the meaning behind your band name?



Our name was actually thought of by Hannah’s dad. At their home in Texas, they have a little hula dancer doll on the dashboard of their car, which led him to think of how “The Dashboard Dolls” would be a cute name for a band. We chose it because whenever he thinks about it it reminds him of his home, which is the same feeling you should get while listening to music. –Dashboard Dolls

It is a meme. –Memé


What are you most excited for this BOB?

We’re just happy we have the chance to share our favorite music – something we’re all passionate about – with everybody else. Along with the rush of the performance experience, of course. –Dashboard Dolls

What songs are you performing? Why did you choose these songs?


We’re performing “(One Of Those) Crazy Girls” by Paramore and “Robbers” by The 1975. We chose them because they’re fun to play as a group and we all love them. –Dashboard Dolls

We are performing “Nothing on You” by Bruno Mars and “The Anthem”, two songs we know people can belt alongside us. The energy really builds up throughout the song, and we decided to close with “The Anthem” because we thought it would be a really awesome way to close out the night and I know for a fact seniors would have a TBT to middle school singing a song about something very relevant to us. – Memé

BOB Prelims are less than a week away – how are you feeling about it?


Nervous, of course, but what performer isn’t? We’re trying to let the feelings of excitement overshadow the nervousness though, just to make the wait a little more enjoyable. –Dashboard Dolls

What do you think of the other bands performing this year?


The other bands are looking great this year! Last year, getting a band to play for BOB seemed to be a problem. Now, it seems as if it is the opposite. Everyone looks in great shape! –Memé

What do you think it takes to make it to the finals?


Hard work, talent, hard work, stage presence, hard work, and just downright owning your set. You have to give it all you’ve got on stage because the audience can tell if you don’t. –Dashboard Dolls

You gotta be an –Memé


The bands aren’t the only ones hard at work in the weeks leading up to BOB, though: the entire event would never be possible without these two people working tirelessly to set it up! Here is an inside look at the event with this year’s BOB Executive Directors, Selina de Dios (12) and Sam Borja (12).

What are you most excited for in BOB every year?


Honestly, my favorite part of BOB is the prep day. On the day of Prelims/Finals, every Exec member stays in ISM from 10am to 10pm. It becomes a true bonding experience between the BOB committee, and we’re all working towards the same big goal: P1.5 million for charity. –Sam B. (12)

I’m actually excited about the morning of BOB day which is when the exec committee helps set up. It’s great to see everything you’ve been working on so tirelessly finally come together. –Selina D. (12)

Have there been any big changes in the event this year?


The biggest thing that’s changed is our scale. Our goal of 1.5 million for charity (in light of BOB’s 15th year) is the most ambitious one yet. –Sam B. (12)

What do you think makes BOB such a special and momentous event?


BOB is an event that is truly one of a kind. It’s so rewarding because most of it is student-run and the tasks we have to do are definitely very sophisticated. But above all, what’s important is that it has service at its core and every year we are able to donate more and more to our service partners. –Selina D. (12)

What were the biggest challenges you faced getting ready for this year’s event?


Balance. Most of the directors are upperclassmen, with upperclassmen workloads. The IB is incredibly daunting and is made to take up most of a student’s time. For BOB’s scale, it demands much more time than any other organization, especially now. –Sam B. (12)

What do you think of the performers entering this year?


This year we’re made up of mostly underclassmen -which is very odd, but appreciated- and sets a great precedent for the rest of high school. We’ve got performers that range from classic rock bands all the way to jazz bands. We have a capella groups and vocalists with designated rappers. The sky’s the limit. –Sam B. (12)

Lastly, what advice can you give to the new performers going into Prelims?


Practice, don’t be afraid to step out of the box, and make sure you tell your friends you’re performing – the more support the better! –Selina D. (12)

Have fun… that’s what it’s all about! –Sam B. (12)

Catch the 15th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bands Finals this February 11, 2017 on the ES Field! It’s definitely one not to miss.

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