2016 Recap

Article by Gitika Bose

“Let’s wait till January 1st, so we can apply to college in 2017 instead of 2016 because 2016 was the worst year ever.”

It is debatable whether this statement is entirely true; however, many seniors seem to have believed it as the dreaded college application deadlines approached. But why was 2016 the so-called unlucky year? Surely, it wasn’t all bad. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, a promising cure for Ebola was developed, a new Harry Potter movie was released, and the Chicago Cubs won the MLB in 108 years. As we start the new year, it’s a great time look back on 2016 and reflect on both the good and the bad.

2016 almost instantly brings world politics to mind. Senior Neha N., a senior, shares, “Despite not being well-informed about the political scene, I found that I simply could not overlook the events of the U.S. presidential elections, one of the most covered events of 2016. A man who openly neglected the rights of various individuals was given a platform of high power and influence to use for his own benefit. While dreading spending the four years of my undergraduate studies under his presidency, I am also interested to learn more about the other side of the controversy I have been unable to comprehend until now.”

Se Hwan K., another senior, says, “Four years before, I wasn’t really into politics nor did I understand anything but now I feel like it’s really relevant to not just us but to the entire world so I was really interested and learned how the election worked, which was kinda fascinating.”

And who can ignore the mind-blowing scientific developments that have occurred in the last year? Gravitational waves, Planet X, advanced research on Mars, SpaceX and Tesla, GK-PID,  274,207,281 – 1 (the newest prime number), Earth’s second moon… the list goes on. Senior Bianca C. shares an excitement towards such innovations, suggesting that it piqued her interest in the sciences.

On the other hand, considering all the legendary public figures we’ve lost, it has been a difficult year. These celebrities have become dear to many, impacting our lives in ways we do not necessarily recognize. Actors like Alan Rickman, who played an enormous role in any Potterhead’s life, deserve to be appreciated for the mark they have left on the world.

Admittedly, the year has brought its misfortunes; however, there have been bright moments worth cherishing. Despite the uncertainties of what the Trump administration may bring or the tears shed over deaths, we should remember to take a moment to appreciate 2016’s triumphs, and look towards 2017 with an open mind.