Article by Sacha Bindra

Photograph by Joungbihn Park

It’s no secret that ISM offers a wide variety of sports and activities for athletes of all skill levels. However, some students may not be as passionate about the “traditional” sports on offer such as basketball, rugby, and soccer. Fortunately, the ISM netball team is the perfect alternative, providing an opportunity to step outside the box to try a unique activity. Netball, popular in Australia and New Zealand, is similar to basketball but without the dribbling. The hoop is the same height as a regulation basketball hoop, yet there is no backboard, thus making it even harder to score. Despite its similarities with a number of other sports, netball is ultimately unlike anything else offered at this school, and with the 2017 season coming up soon, all high school players are encouraged to join!

Sophomores Mackenzie R., Maya M., and Femke H. have all been key figures in implementing this netball program for high school students. Having been part of the middle school team in 8th grade, they were disappointed to learn that Netball wasn’t an activity offered to high schoolers. Last school year, the girls rallied to form a team with Coach Howarth, a former coach of the Philippine National Women’s Netball Team. Their advertisement attracted two teams with twelve players each, with both experienced players as well as newcomers. Both teams even participated in the Philippine Netball Festival towards the end of their season last year, where the teams won gold and bronze.

The team accepts all players, boys and girls, no matter their skill level or experience. Everyone is welcome! The netball team practices twice a week, after school from 3 to 5pm. Currently, practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on Tuesday, February 7, after school. The first practice will be a scrimmage, and new players are welcome to watch the games and learn some rules in order to feel ready to play. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to watch, as this first practice is an excellent way to get a feel for this relatively new sport. During this season, the goals are to have friendly matches against BSM, as well as various other local schools.

Anyone who is interested in a completely unique way to get fit, have fun, and meet new friends should contact the following people:

Ms. Howarth (

Femke Hettinga (

Mackenzie Riley (

Maya Mckeown (

See you on February 7th!