IASAS Quirks

Article by Woosuk Kim

Photograph by Joungbihn Park

As second season IASAS athletes prepare to travel to their respective locations, and third season athletes get ready for their tryouts, we’ve decided to ask some of ISM’s athletes about some particular habits they have while playing respective sports.

Freshman tennis athlete Cecilia I. had some interesting things to share with us before she heads over to the International School of Bangkok for her first tennis IASAS.

“I always try to take the first serve in all of my matches,” she said. When asked why, she stated, “It gives me comfort and gives me a sense of control in my game.” With her superstition, Cecilia feels that she can overcome some of her more “difficult opponents” in exhausting tennis matches. Although her idiosyncrasies have helped her games, she says, “I hope that I can improve on directing the ball to where I want it to go, especially when I have not recovered that quickly yet.”

With Cecilia’s willingness to improve her game, she feels like she has to be practicing more often. However, due to her spending most of her time on the tennis court, she says, “I feel like I do not have that much to balance my academics, tennis and social life all at once. And I am often fatigued when I get home.”

Having not a lot of time remaining is clearly one of the biggest problems most athletes face when they are in season. However, most of ISM’s third season athletes have been training quite rigorously in order to earn a spot on varsity teams in February.

Freshman Nina M., an avid softball player stated that she had joined the International Little League Association Manila (ILLAM) in order to work on her skills before the season starts.

“Being able to be part of a team in ILLAM is really helping me polish my skills before third season starts. Playing games with my team is helping me understand the pressure during matches and how to deal with it. This is very important especially in a sport that deals with pressure filled situations like softball,” says Nina. With ILLAM’s strict training regiment, Nina feels she is improving her skills and will be readily conditioned for tryouts in one week’s time.

“Training has really been a time consuming thing and has made me deal with problems such as managing my time wisely. Especially since I have training on Fridays and often games on Saturdays, meaning that I will not be able to do much during those days,” says Nina.

All in all, with athletes like Cecilia and Nina’s tough training programs and somewhat particular sporting habits, ISM’s sports teams will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in upcoming IASAS competitions.