First Time BOB Performers: Expectation vs. Reality

Article by Meg Barraca

Photograph by Medha Srivastava

As the new semester rolls in, so does ISM’s biggest musical event of the year: Battle of the Bands! With prelims just last Saturday and Finals coming up in less than three weeks, the hype for BOB is still fresh in the air. From starting as a small, sophisticated event to being a million-peso donor to multiple charities, BOB is truly an event to look forward to. This year is a particularly special one for the student-organized event as it is BOB’s 15th anniversary. Every year it continues to get bigger and better: in fact, this year’s preliminaries reached its highest number of attendees in history, selling more than 400 tickets!

Many of this year’s student performers are familiar with performing on the BOB stage. However, every year, there are always several new performers who take on the daunting challenge of being in the spotlight.

Matthew H., a vocalist from the freshman band Twisted Adobo, compares his first BOB experience to Bearcat Idol, the middle school annual musical event.

“BOB feels more competitive than Bearcat Idol because it’s more intense and pressuring,” Matthew says. “I thought we wouldn’t even make it past auditions because our audition video was really weird!”

Matthew looks forward to finals, where he gets to enjoy the stage with Twisted Adobo, a band consisting of him and his friends.

A natural performer, junior Enrique C. was inspired to audition after going to his first BOB and seeing the professional-looking setup and talent. A singer from the vocalist group Singko, he says that joining BOB was way more stressful and intense than he thought it would be.

“I didn’t think it would require the amount of rehearsal that it does. But I will say that it is all worth it. I love music and I love performing, so when I finally got to go on stage, I was really excited, and I had so much fun,” Enrique says.

Additionally, Enrique describes his performance as less nerve-wracking than it turned out to be. “When you get up on that stage, you really just stop thinking about everything and get carried away on the high of performing,” he says. “I’m looking forward to a bigger crowd, and seeing all the other performers bringing their A-game. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s performances!”

And there you have it! Don’t forget to catch Twisted Adobo, Singko, and more amazing performers at Finals on February 11th!