Article by Kamille Jude

The International Baccalaureate: arguably one of the most challenging high school diploma programs in the world. For those of us who haven’t had the pleasure of enduring the wonders of the IB, the program essentially requires students to take six classes, five of which must come from the mandatory first five groups of the IB: Group 1: language A; Group 2: language B; Group 3: Humanities; Group 4: Experimental Sciences; and Group 5: Mathematics. Once students have chosen their five courses from these groups and decided whether to take the classes at higher or standard level, they may choose one more course within those five groups, or from the sixth one, the arts.

Due to the variety of classes this program offers, it has made us think, “which one is the hardest?” So in light of ascertaining whether there is one subject that stands out in terms of difficulty, several seniors have been asked their views about this topic:

Sofia R.: I would say the hardest class I take is Lit SL. I know it sounds silly to hear that because it’s an SL but I didn’t play to my strengths in that class choice. I am not at all amazing at analyzing texts from a literary features perspective and that’s practically all we do that counts for a final IB grade in Lit. If I could, I would have perhaps done Lang Lit, not because it’s ‘easier’ but because it requires skills I do possess.

Mahrukh N.: I think the hardest class I take is Bio HL because there are a lot of different processes to remember for our each unit, which makes it a hard class to study for when you’re trying to cram before a test.

Nicole C.:  I guess my hardest IB class would surprisingly have to be either Math or Spanish. Both were never really strengths for me which is why they are my SLs. I don’t really find my HLs that hard because although they are challenging I enjoy them the most and I think usually students find that their hardest subjects are usually ones they don’t enjoy or they don’t find as interesting. However I think that one of the hardest HLs to get a 7 in is HL Lit but it’s totally worth it to take that class and I think that it’s one of the most interesting and entertaining classes.

Sophi L.: I think the hardest class I take is Economics because we are learning a whole new way of looking at the world. At the same time everything we learn is new and the concepts don’t click as fast with me. So it does pose a challenge, but it is one of my favorite classes!

Overall we can see that each class has its own challenges and ultimately, difficulty is relative. So for those sophomores registering for their IB courses, be sure to capitalize to your strengths and choose classes that you truly enjoy!

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