2nd Season IASAS Recap

Article by Margarita Te

Photograph by Charvie Yadav

Last week, many of ISM’s athletes participated in this school year’s second IASAS tournament, ending the season with exciting experiences and some impressive results.

Swimming was hosted at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both the girls and boys performed remarkably well, placing 2nd and 4th respectively. Freshman, Gabby V.,  said, “I thought that it was really fun, and the whole setup was unlike any other swim meet that I have been to.”

Junior teammate, Andie T., mentions, “I’m really proud of our team this year, especially because for the past few years we always expect to rank lower than the other schools, but this year we really came through and surprised everyone with our performance.”

When asked about performance on both an individual and a team level, sophomore Maia N. commented, “We medaled silver, which I’m so proud about. Individually, I didn’t improve as much as I would’ve liked, but am happy I was able to get some medals for the team as well.” In total, ISM’s swimming team brought home 12 individual medals as well as 4 relay medals.

Meanwhile, the tennis teams competed in the blistering heat of Bangkok, Thailand; the boys brought home gold, while the girls placed 6th. Senior Bianca C. said, “Though we didn’t perform as well as I thought we would, I will definitely remember this IASAS fondly for being one of the most fun. Being my last, it was also very exciting finally knowing players from other schools.”

She thinks playing more consistently and assertively would have improved her own and the team’s overall performance. On the other hand, Justin S., a junior and co-captain of the boys team, said, “This IASAS was so much more memorable and fun than the others because we won gold in an exciting way. The pressure got to me in the finals, so even though I played well, it was a close match.” His finals match also happened to be the highlight of his IASAS, as the cheering from his teammates and the intensity of the match made the victory much more rewarding.

In Jakarta, both ISM’s boys rugby and girls touch teams were successful in defending their coveted gold medals from last year. Senior Ayaka S. simply remarks, “It was amazing! This IASAS was for sure one of my favorite tournaments I have attended because I feel like I was able to bond with both the boys and girls teams over the course of five days. In terms of the actual competition, we did so well throughout the tournament and I am so proud of everyone.”

Commenting on her performance, she said that she felt more confident out on the field compared to previous years and, as a result, genuinely enjoyed the games. “Personally, my performance was pretty decent. I was able to score, assist and set some plays,” she added. The ‘double-double’, as many have coined the feat, marks the first time in IASAS history that both boys rugby and girls touch have won gold in back to back years.

Lastly, we were fortunate enough to host IASAS basketball back home in Manila. Bearcat athletes competed on ISM courts to earn 2nd place for girls and 5th place for boys. “It was a great experience. Playing at home is such a rare occasion and seeing the home crowd was definitely a lot of fun. Everyone was super supportive, and we never really felt down as a team,” said senior Jason F. “I think I performed well as an individual, and as a team we had our best games of the year. Even if we didn’t place, we came together at the right times and were able to have some exciting moments.”

Despite the varied results, the hard work of all the participating athletes is recognized and celebrated by the rest of the ISM community. While second season has come to a close, our Bearcats will surely carry this spirit on to third season!