Battle of the Bands Finals 2017

Article by Alfonso Syquia

Battle of the Bands is an event that everyone in the ISM community looks forward to in the school year. Bands and vocalists perform to showcase their talent, friends and family gather to support their favorites, people cross their fingers as raffle winners are announced, and all this is done for a good cause.

This year was BOB’s quinceñera, and it was bigger and better than ever before. Both the prelims and finals events sold out of tickets, and records were broken. In addition to this, there was a surplus of new talent from the underclassmen and the new bands that were formed.

Despite the worthy competition, senior Kylie P. was the first-place winner for the vocalist category and was also part of the winning band, United States of Hysteria. When asked how it felt, she replied, “Oh it’s absolutely mind blowing.” However, she had to acknowledge the talent of the band by saying, “The band that I was a part of are some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with and it wouldn’t be possible without them.”

Kylie P. also performed at last year’s Battle of the Bands. “I love the atmosphere and how supportive all of the ISM students are to all of their friends. It’s really great to see all the talent and creativity that this school has to offer so that’s why I always love doing BOB every year.”

Though Kylie P. is now a senior and will not have the chance to perform at BOB again, she does have some advice for people interested in performing at BOB for the years to come. “You should definitely do songs that you love no matter what. Even if people think that it’s not going to match your voice, or it’s too difficult to pull off, do it anyway! Because if you love the song, you’ll love to perform it and that makes all the difference.”

This year’s BOB success would not have been possible without the help of the BOB Executive Committee who have been planning this event since summer.

The co-executive director, senior Selina D., says, “Everyone on the committee has made so many sacrifices just to deliver a great night to everyone.”

Co-executive director, senior Sam B., also agrees and adds, “Every BOB member puts 110%. On the day itself, we’re at ISM for 12 hours – placing fences, hanging tarps, coordinating the stage, conducting sound checks, and working together to create such a smooth event when the gates open. There’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a lot of love.”

This year’s executive directors have been dedicated to running BOB since their freshman year.

“Without BOB I don’t think I would have enjoyed high school,” says Selina D.

There’s no doubt that this year’s Battle of the Bands was a huge success. Thank you to all the amazing, talented performers and to the BOB executive committee who ensured that everyone enjoyed this great event.



First – United States of Hysteria

Second – The Dashboard Dolls

Third – Memé

Student Choice – Twisted Adobo


First – Kylie P.

Second – Isaiah F

Third – Meg B.

Student Choice – Singko

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