Approaching Third Season: Hosting Badminton and Golf IASAS 2017

Article by Woosuk Kim

Photograph by Anjo Nagallo

Badminton is clearly one of the most popular sports here at ISM with many of our very own Bearcats trying out every third season. And golf, even though it is played outside of the ISM campus, is one of the most anticipated sports of the year. As the excitement from Season Two sports begins to die down, the new Season Three athletes have already begun their training in their respective teams. This year, ISM has been privileged enough to be assigned the role as hosts for both IASAS golf and badminton on April 6-8.

Bamboo Telegraph interviewed some former IASAS participants and coaches from both the badminton and golf teams in order to gain some insight on how the teams are currently looking and what their expectations are for the season.

Varsity girls badminton coach, Coach Allen, stated that this would be his second year where ISM are hosting the IASAS tournament. Coach Allen spoke about the last time ISM hosted badminton IASAS.

“A few of the players could not address the pressure of the home crowd,” he said. However he is planning on fixing this issue by “addressing it in training over the season.”

Although Coach Allen remembers the pressure of the first IASAS badminton at home, he expects his girls to “enjoy the experience at home and play their best.” Coach Allen also stated how this year’s varsity team is clearly stronger than ever, as last year the team did not have any seniors. This adds some IASAS experience to the team. Adding onto the team are some freshmen who are clearly capable of making an impact.

Adding onto the badminton IASAS excitement is the golf IASAS tournament being held here in Manila as well.

Former boys MVP Byeong L., stated, “I am excited to have my second golf IASAS at home. Having it at home will help us feel motivated to bring the gold to ISM as a team.” Like Coach Allen, Byeong thinks that this year’s IASAS team will be particularly strong with the addition of some very strong freshmen.

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