Spotlight on ISM’s Visual Arts Club

Article by Kylie Cyhn

Header illustration by Alice Ye

Article illustrations by Liah Gomez

At ISM, there is a great range of diverse and enjoyable clubs to join. These clubs allow students to further explore their passions and interests, as well as meet people with similar interests. One such club is the Visual Arts Club, or the VAC. The VAC is involved in creative art projects, collaborating with other clubs to help out with poster requests and any artistic material,  and promoting the visual arts within the school community through impactful and fun events, according to co-president senior Hannah R.

VAC Sample 1

Year round, they make handmade punny cards to sell and design promotional materials upon request. They also recently launched the VAC annual art show, and are also responsible for the new Bearcat Cafe murals. These are great opportunities for artists who enjoy nonconventional and free works of art to share their work. According to co-president senior Hong Minh B., “VAC is a versatile club not only because it mainly focuses on creativity, but also service as well. Every semester, we have fund raising bake sales for our main service partner, Papaya Academy.”

VAC Sample 3

Other than helping out service partners, other clubs, and making ISM a more colorful place, joining VAC is a great way to meet people. When asked about the benefits of joining, Hong Minh B. replied, “4 years sticking by a club that I am proud to call family has been nothing short of amazing. I have been with VAC ever since it was first approved as an official club in ISM. Now a senior, I am so incredibly happy to witness how VAC evolved and moved forward in such a positive way.” Not only is the VAC an action-packed and lively club, but evidently, a friendly and collaborative one. Vice-president junior Katie G. voiced the same opinion, mentioning, “one thing I love the most is our members. Every year, we see so much new talent and enthusiasm and I always get inspired by their creativity and unique styles. I’m really honored to be working with such talented artists!”

VAC Sample 4

This club would be perfect for anyone with a passion for art, service. As written in VAC’s Kawayan blurb, “Our club is THE perfect creative outlet for students who enjoy non-conventional forms of media, and those not enrolled in an art class.”

It’s not too late to join! VAC welcomes all artists looking for more opportunities to showcase their work – join our G+ page here! Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday of the month during tutorials in Ms.Dodd’s room (1169), with plenty of creative and fun opportunities.

If you’re a teacher, club, or someone who needs promotional material, email, , and/or, and your poster/art request will be taken!