Article by Aayush Gupta

With the second semester fully under way, pressure is mounting on everyone, as the freshmen continue adjusting to the considerably higher workload, sophomores begin preparations to enter the IB program in a few months, and juniors rush to finish their various IAs as well as their Extended Essays. However, the seniors face the biggest challenge of all. As the ever-present shadow of the final IB exams grows larger, they rush to finish their coursework and begin preparation for the exams. Beginning in March, they will get their first look at what the exams will be like by going through the IB mocks. Starting April 28, the IB exams will last for nearly three weeks, a time which is dreaded by all students.

In the midst of all the panic, studying, and revision, there is a twinge of sadness amongst the seniors, as their high school journey is almost at an end.

When asked what he will miss most about his time at ISM, senior Kushagra S. said, “I’m probably gonna miss the clubs and the extra-curricular activities the most. They allowed me to try a bunch of different things and were always great fun.”

Soham M. had a different opinion, as he claimed that he will miss the entire ISM community. “After having studied here for nearly ten years, leaving friends and teachers is incredibly difficult. They have made high school one of the best experiences of my life- especially the class of 2017, whom I will miss more than anything,” he said.

ISM has a huge number of events every year, each one providing special memories. When asked about their favorite event during the school year, both Kushagra and Soham replied without hesitation – Battle of the Bearcats.

“It has always been a lively event with all grade levels coming together in Bearcat spirit,” said Kushagra.

“It shows ISM’s collective spirit and has been such pleasure to experience for the past four years,” added Soham.

“What I’ll miss most about the event itself would be the loudest cheers, the face paint, flags, the fiercest tiny freshmen and my batch’s complete domination of the event for the past three years,” he continued. Indeed, this senior batch is one of the most spirited and enthusiastic batches to ever graduate from ISM.

As for his best memories from their high school careers, Kushagra replied jokingly that his “best memory is studying for exams.”

He then explained that his best memory would be working on the Darth Vader robot, a miniature flamethrower he built last year for ISM’s annual Maker Fair event.

When asked to describe his most cherished memory from his high school career, Soham said, “Playing basketball in front of our home crowd this year. The atmosphere was just amazing and it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I’m going to cherish for years to come.”

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