Month: March 2017

IASAS Exchange Recap

Article by Sacha Bindra Before the frenzy of hosting badminton and golf IASAS settles in at ISM, this season’s varsity athletes travelled across Southeast Asia to participate in the Pre-IASAS exchange. From March 10-11, Bearcat athletes visited Bangkok, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur to compete in sports such as baseball, track and field, badminton, or softball. […]


New Album Releases

Article by Meg Barraca This past month has been momentous for the music industry due to the abundance of new album releases featuring a variety of artists and genres. Many of these albums have garnered a lot of attention not only in the music world, but right here at ISM. Here are a few brand […]


Before the Storm: Mocks Prep

Article by Angelica Chang Having finally completed the Extended Essay (EE), finished up with standardized testing, and sent off college apps, the month of March seems to be clearing up in terms of stress for the seniors… or so they wish. On the contrary, the impending IB mock exams taking place this week have erased […]