EXO Planet #3: The EXO’rdium in Manila 2017

Article by Ahona Salsabil

Recently, many world-renowned and talented artists have held concerts in the small, yet lively city of Manila. Korean artists are no exception to this trend. With lots of Filipino KPOP fans on the rise, this news is sure to be exhilarating. On February 25 and 26, 2017, EXO, one of Korea’s most sensational boy groups consisting of nine members, returned for their third concert in Manila. The Araneta Coliseum was filled to the brim with EXO-Ls (the fandom name), who tirelessly waved their fandom light sticks to show their support for the eight performers present. What exactly draws Bearcat fans towards EXO and what did they think of the concert?

Junior Sophia Q. started getting into KPOP in general since the summer of 2016 and according to her, “Not only do EXO produce great songs and are EXTREMELY talented in the vocal, dance, and rap departments, but they are also really hard workers with very sweet personalities.”

Sophia attended the day 2 concert and according to her, “EXO’s concert was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! It was my first time seeing them live, and I was really impressed with how amazing their vocals and dancing were live. Their stage presence and the production value of the whole thing was CRAZY. I especially loved how they interacted and talked with their fans – they’re so kind, funny, and appreciative!”

Like Sophia, junior Nicole B. says, “I started liking EXO last year in August when I was first introduced to the KPOP world. I love EXO mainly for their music. It’s so different from the norms of the KPOP industry because it sounds very western.”

Nicole also attended the day 2 concert with Sophia. “This was actually the first EXO concert I’ve attended and it was honestly a life changing experience. Their staging, choreography and live voices overrule all western artists. KPOP is so underrated and I hope more people appreciate their work in the future,” she shares.

Unfortunately, senior Funan F., who has been an EXO fan for 3 years now, could not attend their concert this time. “I have seen them once before last year when they had a performance in MOA. They’re cute, funny, and they have passion in their work. They’re humble and down-to-earth people despite being one of the most well-known Korean artists. They don’t complain despite being in difficult situations. They’re a really good example of people that portray the saying, ‘get a job that you will enjoy for the rest your life.’ They enjoy themselves in their concerts which in return makes their fans enjoy the moment too. I honestly respect and admire them a lot as an artist but also as a normal human being,” she said.

For junior Sunny S., “It’s my fourth time to see them and I liked every single concert that they held. I felt like I went to an expensive club. I loved it because I love dancing and enjoying the concert with my favorite singer.”

Without a doubt, the concert was an unforgettable experience for those who attended as EXO knows how to let the crowd have a good time. In a way, EXO’s strong performance is their way of showing their appreciation to their fans for their unwavering support throughout the years since their debut in 2011.

Manila continues to host KPOP events, such as the ONEK Global Peace Concert that happened on March 2, 2017 featuring not one but seven of Korea’s hottest KPOP stars. Another big KPOP boy group BTS have included Manila in their tour and are returning for a two-day concert on May 6 and 7, 2017 to promote their newest album. KPOP fans can expect to have a thrilling 2017.