Maintaining Motivation this March

Article by Bethan Henderson

Photograph by Ana Natividad

The nonstop revision and seemingly never-ending sleepless nights spent toiling over assignment after assignment has found many seniors questioning their decision to take the IB in the first place. Each student’s workload is undoubtedly larger with the IB mock exams fast approaching and the stress piling up.

Supposedly, spring break gives everyone hope of a few days of bliss, but how can the seniors find any respite during the vacation when the real IB exams are waiting for them just after that?

It is nearly the end of their high school education and of the IB and the next few weeks are perhaps the most  critical. So how can the seniors stay motivated in the final weeks when it feels like they’re drowning in stress and schoolwork, and it might be easier to just give up?

“My main priority at the moment is staying alive,” says senior Rendel B. He continues saying, “The struggle is very real to stay motivated during this time. As a senior, I expected the learning to dim down and the prep for exams to start, but in classes we are still learning stuff.” He recommends getting in work as early as possible and not stressing about college. “I’m low-key not very focused on college at the moment. I already finished all my applications in January so I’m just trying to forget about it until my admission decisions come in,” says Rendel.

Senior Romnick B. advocates for de-stressing to be more productive. “I remind myself that I am not the only one going through all these challenges, my classmates and friends also have to so I should not feel bad and discouraged,” he says.

It’s also important not to let work consume you. Romnick says, “After I have accomplished a certain task, I give myself a few minutes to check my social media accounts, listen to music or eat.”

Like Romnick, senior Kelly M. also recommends de-stressing. “I lose motivation when I’m super stressed, so I have a study plan for the last weeks of school that I’ve stuck to so far. In terms of what works for me, just staying organized and having activities to do other than school really helps. So I have a scheduled break from schoolwork so that I’m not doing schoolwork all the time.”

To all the seniors out there, good luck over this final push before graduation!

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