Third Season Pre-IASAS Expectations

Article by Woosuk Kim

As the IASAS cultural convention participants are welcomed back home, it is time for the third season Pre-IASAS exchange athletes to depart. The Pre-IASAS exchange, often dubbed as “Pre I,” is a competition hosted by one of the IASAS schools for the athletes to get a taste of the fierce competition of IASAS, held a month later. This third season on March 10-11, ISM’s badminton and track teams head to Taipei, while baseball and fastpitch softball get a taste of the new IASAS sports in Bangkok.

2017 will be the first year in IASAS history in which baseball and fastpitch softball, which replaced slow pitch softball, will be added. Although it is a new sport, ISM’s new varsity baseball and fastpitch softball teams have already adapted to the new game and are finalizing their preparations before this weekend’s Pre I tournament.

Freshman baseball varsity athlete Mikey G., is looking forward to his upcoming Pre I tournament in Bangkok. Mikey stated that he expects his first Pre I to be “very fun,” as it is his first time traveling with his new varsity baseball team. Although Pre I is anticipated to be a very exciting event, Mikey stated, “I am expecting a lot of competition between the IASAS schools.” Mikey believes that this makes Pre I a very important event as it is the first time “the team is traveling together.” Which can let the team “gain experience on and off the baseball field.”

As Mikey and the rest of the baseball athletes head to Bangkok, ISM’s badminton team will be having their Pre I at Taipei. Although last year’s badminton IASAS participant, junior Bryan T., is not going to be traveling with the team to Pre I this year, he expects the badminton delegates to “gain experience of the atmosphere on the badminton court.” This will help them become more confident and “prepared for the upcoming IASAS badminton events.” Bryan stated that this year’s badminton team is a “solid one due to only one player leaving from the IASAS squad last year.” This leaves the team with many experienced athletes and several new ones as well. Bryan believes that because of this, the badminton team has the “potential to bring back the gold and make history.”

In order to see if Bryan’s predictions are reasonable or not, make sure you stay updated on all of the results from the upcoming Pre-IASAS exchange tournaments!