Recap: The IB Art Show

Article by Aayush Gupta

Photographs by Maria Pinto

Art provides the means to creative and insightful expression of thoughts, emotions, and ideas that may otherwise go unnoticed. The IB 2 Art Show, an annual event hosted in the FAT lobby, is no exception. It displays the works of the tremendously talented second-year IB Art students of ISM. Each student displays 5-12 of their pieces from the two-year course, tied together by a common thread, complete with a written component highlighting their artistic choices. These threads range from Home to Influence. The show boasts a wide array of art pieces, showing extremely creative and aesthetically pleasing work by the seniors, marking the end to their IB Art course.


One striking aspect of the art show was the wide assortment of materials used to create the art pieces. The senior Bearcat artists use multiple materials, from the usual graphite pencil, acrylic paint, and newspaper to more eccentric material like cardboard, wires, foam, and even nails – to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity in the creation of their works. These components were combined together in unique ways to construct magnificent works of art. One set of pieces fused painting and photography into one, creating a double exposure where the painting fits almost naturally in front of a picturesque scenic background. Others were more abstract, where students were free to explore the ideas they wanted. A multitude of different art styles were featured in exhibits, including sculpted head busts inspired by the lyrics of popular songs by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay; digital 8-bit pixelated art in form of posters; and classic canvas paintings, albeit each with its own distinctive feature.


The artwork delved into different themes. While some pieces represented emotions and the internal conflict which people struggle with, others focused on the various cultural issues in today’s society, including the recent increase in violence and conflict. Students used different hues to set the tone and mood of these art pieces, with red often being used to depict anger and rage, blue for sadness, and yellow for peace and tranquility.


Oftentimes these works of art were so intensely descriptive and inherently clear of the idea they were trying to elucidate that the viewer could understand the piece before reading the rationale that accompanied it. A few pieces that stood out were: “Fix You,” a head bust sculpted using plaster, inspired by the popular song by Coldplay; “Technocentrum,” a painting which depicted the influence of social media on people; “Pressure,” which focused on depicting the inner mental struggles of an individual; and “McBuddha,” a highly innovative piece discussing the increasing Americanization of local cultures.

-Fix you-

The IB 2 Art Show, set up in the FAT Lobby, is undoubtedly a must-see for everyone in the community. Come and celebrate the talented works of ISM seniors which were created with focus, dedication, and love over two years!