NHS Presents: Smile Week

Article by Bethan Henderson

With exams, mocks, assessments, and extended essays bogging down our brains, it’s important to and find things to look forward to in the next couple weeks to put more of a spring in our step. Yes there’s spring break coming up which is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, but even sooner than that is NHS’s debut of “Smile Week”! Taking place on the week of March 27th, this exciting new event is replacing the Senior Auction and will be a fundraiser for their service partner Operation Smile.

There will be a different theme for each day of the week and all funds go to Operation Smile whose goal is to provide free reconstructive surgeries to children born with facial deformities.

To kick off the week, Monday’s event is “Teacher Treats”, where the teachers will be selling food they’ve made to students and faculty. Similarly, Tuesday will feature “Student Sweets”, where students will be the ones selling the baked goods they’ve made. So definitely make sure to bring money so you can dig into some tasty snacks.

The stressed out student body can count on Wednesday’s “Send-a-smile” day to relieve some nervous tension. Smile-a-grams, which are smiley face stress balls, can be bought and delivered to anyone you’d like. Food is also provided to those attending a talk taking place at lunchtime where one of the OP smile representatives will be speaking about their mission.

NHS members will be handing out candy and compliments to put a smile on the faces of fellow students for “Candy Compliments” on Thursday. Finally, the week ends with “Smile day”, when students wear OP Smile shirts instead of the usual uniform.

Apart from buying food and smile-a-grams, you can support Smile Week by buying Op Smile shirts, buttons, or stickers. You and your friends can also take part in the Adopt-A-Child program where together you pledge 15,000 pesos to pay for a child’s reconstructive surgery. If you do this you’ll receive a before and after photo of the child you sponsored so you can truly see the impact you’ve made.

So get out your calendars and mark the date! Come support a great cause and help put smiles on the faces of your friends, teachers, and the OP Smile kids.