ISM IASAS Traditions: Send-Off Videos

Article by Woosuk Kim

As third season IASAS draws near, ISM’s chosen IASAS athletes are completing their send-off procedures. Amongst the various activities that occur during the build-up to IASAS, the most famous is without a doubt, the send-off videos, presented at the high school send-off assembly the week before IASAS.

The send-off videos filmed by each team signify the end of a season and a sense of anticipation for their upcoming IASAS tournament. The tradition has served as a method for pumping up the Bearcat community and introducing the IASAS participants through a simple video shown to the entire high school during a send-off assembly. Over the past years, the ISM community has seen a very unique collection of send-off videos filled with dancing, singing, and more recently, unique and amusing “memes.”

Bamboo Telegraph has interviewed some directors of this year’s send-off videos and some members of the high school body to see what kind of send-off videos were their favorite, and their thoughts on the tradition as a whole.

Freshman badminton athlete and Cultural Convention participant, Soung Ill Y., has stated that the boys swimming and badminton send-off videos were his favorites from this year.

I think that swimming and badminton had the best send-off videos because they are very out of context; like for swimming was like a photoshoot, and badminton had a mix with a Chinese movie and Kushagra playing the flute. It’s just funny,” Soung Ill quoted.

When asked what he thought about the ingredients creating a good send-off video, Soung Ill added that the videos should “showcase the players and the process they went through [to prepare] for IASAS, and be funny at the same time.”

Senior Henry B., who directed the varsity boys swimming send-off video, agreed with Soung Ill as he stated that “good send-off videos should be quirky, funny, and people need to be able to laugh!” He added that “the videos [shouldn’t] take your respective sport too seriously. If your video conveys any sense of superiority, you could instantly lose respect within the larger ISM high school community.”

Regarding what athletes like Henry think about ISM’s send-off videos compared to other schools, Henry says that “ISM definitely has great send-offs; this can be attributed to a great film department in ISM. People are more confident in trying new techniques which really add to the overall quality of our videos. ISM students also come up with really creative ideas, and other schools may not necessarily have the same desire to amuse and entertain a large high school audience. ISM is very unique in this instance.”

With the third season send-off coming to a close, and the Bearcat community beginning to get excited with the IASAS Badminton and Golf tournaments being hosted at home, make the most of it as a Bearcat by getting involved with housing! Housing is a great way to stay updated with the tournament, meet new people, and support the Bearcat community. Pick up a housing form from the ATAC office, or easily access one from the ATAC blog at!

Links to some of this years’ third season send-off videos: