No Ragrets: Senti Seniors

Article by Audrey Sy

Illustration by Mike Feng

Though at times, the years may have seemed to crawl by past mountains of work and oceans of tears (not really), time has flown by quickly for the Class of 2017. With their last day of school before study leave, exams, and eventually graduation, the seniors look back on four long years of high school memories.

From a rising revolution to the senior apocalypse, the Class of 2017 has undeniably left its mark on BOB history with its undefeatable spirit. Conversely, it has definitely left its mark on Senior Council Vice President, Soham M., whose favorite memory is “finally winning BOB. Our batch has been super spirited for the last 4 years, and it was a really symbolic win for us.”

Similarly, senior Sophi L. will always remember “the sleepover nights before Battle of the Bearcats, just staying up making posters and preparing together with friends… Above all, I’ll definitely miss the closeness of people with students in other grades, teachers, and Francis A.!”

Meanwhile, IASAS MUN and Forensics delegate, senior Francis A., says that he’ll “miss the IASAS memes the most. ISM is known throughout the schools as the ‘International School of Memes’. The meme concentration in ISM is very high in comparison to other schools, and I don’t think I’ll be able to find that again in any other place I go to.”

Though senior ‘senti’ memories will always be close to the heart for many, Sammy W. also emphasizes that “it’s just as important not to look back with a lot of regrets. Don’t stress too much and think that one small grade or test point dictates your entire college life.” Coming fresh out of the college application process, she’s realized that “it’s more about your fit in a school than anything else. Colleges will see you for you as a person, and it’s not only based on if you’re the best at everything. You just have to work hard at what you’re good at, and that will be good enough.”

“Hindsight is 20-20,” adds Soham M., with his only regret being “taking everything too seriously.” He advises the juniors and soon-to-be seniors to “use your summer wisely for college preparation, but also make sure to take your time to relax.” On the other hand, senior Lukas F. jokingly enumerates his various regrets as “HL Literature, HL Physics… all my IB HL’s.” However, he adds that “it’s good to be focused, but also take things easy for IB. Don’t set out trying to prove something to yourself.”

Supporting this diverse crowd of seniors through their tumultuous last four years is Mr. Frank MacInnes, senior batch advisor, pillar of wisdom, constant source of advice. “Graduating is such a wonderful achievement,” he notes. “To make it through high school should never be underestimated and I’m immensely proud of all of them.”

His final piece of advice to Class of 2017? “Just to remember their roots, to cherish their friendships, and to step boldly but always with integrity.”

As our seniors close this chapter of their lives, we can be sure that they can look forward to the promising future that awaits them all. Best of luck, Class of 2017!