The Egg Drop Competition

Covered by Georgia Limcaoco

Photographs from the Science Club

On Tuesday, April 25, the Science Club held ISM’s first ever Egg Drop Competition on the balcony outside of the FAT. The 70 competing students each designed their own contraption to keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the floor above. Entries were judged on the following criteria: creativity, engineering, and survival (whether the egg broke or not).

First place went to sophomore Mayuresh G., second place to senior Tony Y., and third to Gregory P. from middle school. The prizes were an iPhone 7, an Apple Watch, and a GoPro, with first place getting first choice. With a participation fee of 500 pesos, the Science Club used the event to raise money for Saturday Service trips to the Mind Museum with Project BEST and Gawad Kalinga kids.

Participant Ethan L. says, “It was an amazing feeling to go to the Egg Drop Competition that day, and to see everyone else’s designs and egg landers. If there was another Egg Drop Competition in the future, I would certainly participate again.”