Senti Seniors: Third Season Edition

Article by Margarita Te

Photograph by Juan Periquet

In just over three weeks, the third season IASAS tournament will take place which, to most students, will merely be the last one of the school year. However, for the seniors, this will unfortunately be the final IASAS, whether that be as a participant or spectator. As expected, the majority of them are feeling sentimental or “senti,” as students would put it.

Naturally, winning a championship is one of the most rewarding achievements an athlete can accomplish, but from IASAS and high school sports in general, students take away much more than a medal or a trophy. When asked about what they will miss the most about high school sports after graduating, senior athletes gave similar positive replies.

Jessica Z., a member of both the varsity tennis and badminton teams, responded, “I am going to miss the bonding and how close every team gets regardless of results.”

Likewise, Ayaka S., who is on the volleyball, touch rugby, and track and field teams, said, “I will miss all the teams I have been involved in. I love my teammates and thinking about how I will not be able to play with them makes me so sad! But also, I really enjoy playing different sports and I believe that will be difficult to do in college, so that’s also something I will definitely miss.”

Rihoko S., a senior on the varsity tennis and softball teams, stated, “I will miss the teams and coaches, and just being able to travel to different countries and compete against new people.”

Aside from the pleasant and memorable experiences, senior IASAS athletes also gained some valuable lessons from taking part in high school sports.

“Track and Field for me has been very challenging, because this is the only individual sport I have done in high school. It was hard to keep pushing and challenging myself, but I believe that the idea of perseverance will be super helpful in everyday life too, so overall, I am just very grateful,” commented Ayaka.

Meanwhile, Jessica said, “My experience has taught me that it takes a lot of dedication to build a strong team even in the most individualistic sports. Also, even if IASAS seems like a relatively less intense tournament, it really trains your mental game when you’re actually playing since a lot of people (and the school) will be expecting good results from you.”

Concerning the hopes and goals for the upcoming IASAS tournament, athletes are all wishing to perform excellently, as they have been working tirelessly throughout the past weeks.

“Honestly, I just really want to enjoy since this will be the last IASAS tournament I will be participating in. However, I will also try my best and make my coaches and teammates proud,” said Ayaka.

This year, ISM is lucky enough to be hosting badminton and golf, so the seniors who are not involved in a third season sport have the opportunity to experience the spirit and excitement of IASAS, despite not being participants.