Bearcats for Street Soccer

Article by Woosuk Kim

As the school year comes to a close and fourth season athletes begin to get ready for back-to-school tryouts the following semester year, what better way is there for our football athletes to get back into their competitive forms than a friendly football tournament? This is what the Bearcats for Street Soccer tournament can offer. The Bearcats for Street soccer tournament is an annual 6-A-Side (teams of 10) football fundraiser held at the end of the semester year. The competition is open to all highschool students willing to participate in the charity event. This year the event was held at the middle school field on Thursday, June 1, 2017 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Due to the tournament being a charity event, participants needed to provide an entrance fee of 200 Philippine pesos.

In order to balance out the teams to make sure there was no team that was far superior to others, the tournament rules outlined that each team must have at least one female and one varsity/faculty player within a group of four. This rule led to the spectators, which included Bearcat Council and Student Ambassadors (who were providing refreshments at the venue), experiencing some very interesting and edge-of-the-seat football.

For Bamboo Telegraph to fully recap what happened during the tournament, we asked some participants what their thoughts regarding the tournament were. Freshman football athlete Avi B. told us, “I signed up because it’s a charity event and it’s a good time to socialize with people from all grade levels within high school. Also, I enjoy playing recreational football time to time as its relaxing and is a good source of exercise.”

When asked what the tournament was like as an actual football player, he said that it was “quite organized in terms of transitions and match schedules and the players were really good.” Avi, a player for the purple team, was a finalist for the tournament, playing the black team in the last round of the tournament, with the black team the victors. Although his team lost in the finals, Avi said the tournament was “fun as I got to meet a lot of new people.”

In order to get a perspective of a non-football player participant, we also asked freshman Sein K. what her experience was like. She said, “Although I joined the tournament as a substitute for my friend who couldn’t make it, it was a great experience for people who have never played soccer before. It is a great way to practice your skills and make new friends.”

As the Bearcats for Street Soccer tournament was clearly a positive experience for both football and non football players alike, Bearcat Council eagerly encourages you to sign up for the tournament next year!