First Season Friday Night Lights Recap

Article by Sana Singru

Friday Night Lights, which took place last Friday, marked the kick-off to the first athletic season of the school year. The night consisted of the football and volleyball teams battling it out in the pouring rain and the brightly lit gyms to win their first games of the season against Faith Academy. The afternoon was a prime demonstration of Bearcat spirit as a great number of students, parents and teachers came out to support the teams.

After coming 2nd last year at IASAS , the volleyball varsity girls were back in the game and looked like they were in good form despite the long break. There were a number of new faces that evidently seemed to become more and more comfortable with the dynamic of the team as the game progressed. Overall, the girls performed very well with an end result of winning 4 out of 5 sets. We hope to see them go for gold this year!

In a similar manner, the volleyball varsity boys demonstrated true bearcat spirit as they jumped right back into the game following a long summer holiday. The team ended with a win, marking a solid start to the season. Josh A., Grade 11 believes that “this team will do well this year and hopefully, by the time the ‘serve’ of IASAS comes our way, we’ll be able to ‘receive’ it well, ‘set’ ourselves up with a good chance, and ‘spike’ it down with all our might!” But of course, he says, “what’s most important this season is that we all have fun, trust each other, and keep improving. But with this team, I know we can do just that this season!” The JV girls and boys volleyball teams also played well despite unfortunate losses for both.

Over on the wet HS field, the varsity girls were showing exactly how strong of a team they were, kicking the season off with an incredible 9-2 win! They looked extremely well-organized considering the fact that it has only been a few weeks since their training began. A significant moment of this game was when Riho K., an 8th grader, scored a goal, making her one of the few middle schoolers to have scored in a varsity game in ISM history. Riho commented on her first varsity game, “I was just really nervous about my first game… Even though I was only going to play a little bit in the game, I was nervous that I might mistake. After I scored a goal, all of it changed. I found out that I wasn’t nervous anymore. It was so much fun and it gave me more confidence.” ISM hopes to see great things from her in the coming years!

The JV boys also played well despite the downpour that eventually caused them to have to end early; they finished the shortened game with a solid victory.

The last two games were that of the varsity boys football and the JV girls football, both of which were unfortunately cancelled due to the lightning that came along with the deluge of rain.

Overall, however, FNL was a terrific beginning to sports for the 2017-2018 year, and everyone is looking forward to seeing these teams continue to improve and demonstrate this promising talent at IASAS.