Freshman Athletics

Article by: Woosuk Kim

If you were in attendance of last week’s Friday Night Lights, you probably recognized many familiar faces representing ISM’s first season sports teams. But amongst those returning veterans you may have also seen some  fresh faces donning the ISM uniform. A collection of these new faces are the freshmen who have recently been inducted into their respective varsity or junior varsity teams. This year the high school welcomes an abundance of freshman athletes whose dedication to their respective sports in middle school has clearly paid off. With praiseworthy performances on the court and fields last Friday, most of these athletes were at the center of some major wins for their new teams. However, behind these new rising stars lies the arduous journey of being a young athlete.

The beginning of the journey for freshman hopefuls started with the immediate pressure of tryouts during the first few days of school. Sophomore varsity softball athlete Nina M. stated that she was very “anxious during her [softball] tryouts.” However, Nina adds that  “I had a lot of practice coming into the tryouts so I knew the ropes, but there were so many good players from both freshman and upperclassmen batches that were just naturally good, it was intimidating.” Making the varsity squad clearly had its perks, however behind the many advantages lie the drawbacks of being one of the youngest on the team. Nina says that “when I went to Pre-IASAS, we, as the rookies on the team, had to carry all of the heavy softball equipment around the airport, the fields, onto the bus, etc.”

When asked if she recommended this year’s freshmen to tryout for sports, Nina immediately agreed. “Trying out for sports allows you to not only stay active and have an after school activity, but you also get to meet … new people to talk to.” Hopefully the freshmen take Nina’s advice and try out for sports in the following second and third seasons.

Jasmine R., a new freshman member of the girl’s varsity football/soccer team, shared similar sentiments with Nina as she stated that she was “nervous. But it was not that bad as I knew some people from previous years.” With this year’s new batch of freshmen athletes already making a clear impact in the ISM sporting community, the future is bright for all of ISM’s sports teams. To make an impact like these admirable first season freshman athletes, don’t forget to sign up for second and third season sports teams. All details and registration forms can be found in the ATAC blog