Feelings on Senior Year

Article by Putra Wibowo

Senior year can be compared to attempting to juggle twenty balls in the air without dropping them. There are dozens of tasks to accomplish, from finishing IA’s and managing CAS reflections in Managebac to studying arduously for the dreaded IB exams coming up in May. At the same time, seniors need to balance their extracurricular activities and their social life. In other words, it can feel like a series of hurdles impossible to cross.

Along with the obvious struggles that arise, senior year is also an extremely emotional time. On the very first day of school, an abrupt realization hit the Batch of 2018: this is their very last year at ISM! They have made lifelong friendships, memories, and acquired valuable life lessons from each other, all culminating in this one final stretch before the finish line. It will be hard for them not to get teary-eyed when walking across that stage in the FAT come graduation in May.

When asked about her general feelings on senior year, Bianca A. (12) says, “I’m scared that I’ll be graduating because growing up is always scary, but it’s a new chapter in life so it’s pretty exciting as well.” Similarly, Sofia O. (12) feels anxious about graduation. She claims, “I don’t think I’m ready for the world outside of high school.”

The sentimental feelings the seniors will have when looking back through their time in high school will come from both the activities that they are passionate about and actively participate in, as well as the unforgettable people that they come across, whether it be teachers, peers, coaches, etc.

Looking ahead at the jam-packed year, Iris M. (12) is ecstatic and says, “I am looking forward to spirited events such as the Battle of the Bearcats and Battle of the Bands.” Then, of course, with the feeling of optimism comes a wave of stress as well. Tristan P. (12) says, “I am dreading the completion of the IB, with all of its assessments and workload.”

When asked to share a life lesson they’ve learned during her time at ISM, Amy H. (12) says, “I learned how to build relationships and interact with people from different cultures.” Iris claims, “You should be be kind to yourself. If you love yourself, others will follow!”

The overall consensus from the seniors is that this year will be a roller-coaster ride of sentiments, all the way to that moment when they move the tassel from the right side to the left of their graduation caps, and release them into the air. Whatever challenges may come, their camaraderie and unity will help each other through the way.