New Student Athlete In-Focus

Article by Cecilia Ignacio

The first season is usually quite stressful due to the back-to-school adjustments students have to undergo. However, it is especially tough for the new students, who struggle to find their way to classes, make new friends, and even set up their Google Classroom. As the weeks begin to pass, it is interesting to hear from the new students who have already begun to get involved within the Bearcat community. So, as season one kicks off to a great start, let’s see what this week’s athlete in focus, sophomore Alex V., had to say about her athletic experience in ISM thus far.

Being a new student, Alex stated that she is not exactly sure what competitions with the ISM team are going to be like; however, she followed up by saying that she thinks the football team this year is strong. “The results of our first few games have been definite wins as well, so I’m pretty confident for the upcoming games,” Alex said. In addition, her preliminary experience is intriguing as she had actually missed the first few days of school and, therefore, the initial football tryouts. Luckily, though, Alex still managed to successfully snag a spot on the girls varsity team. Alex said, “I was actually really nervous having missed the first week, but I’m happy I managed to make it into the team.”

When asked more about her football background prior to moving to ISM, Alex stated that she has played football for around six years now. She also practices with various people and even joined a number of teams outside her previous school. “I’ve played in a few club teams and on the national team so the training was a bit more intense, but aside from that, it’s not too different.”

Alex mentions that “at the time, everyone in my school played football so I tried it out and really enjoyed it.” This is, in fact, quite a common theme amongst athletes, which is why it never hurts to attempt something new, especially when trying to meet new people with similar interests. “Being able to play with my friends is always fun,” says Alex.

Alex also said, “I haven’t really played any other sports competitively, but I’ll definitely consider it.” So with new students like Alex on ISM’s varsity teams, the Bearcat community fervently awaits the upcoming sporting events, such as the soccer exchange—hosted here, in Manila—and IASAS!