Club Expo 2017

Article by Kody Tinga

Photos by Manapo Ishikawa

Last Wednesday, the annual ISM Club Expo was held. It is an event that lets old and new students alike find out what each club has to offer and the benefits of joining one. During lunch and after school, the Lofthouse was filled with students walking around and looking at various club booths, signing up, and checking out all the fair had to offer. All around the room, excitement and energy could be felt, and the enthusiasm everyone had was clearly evident on people’s faces as Council Members of each club all put their best foot forward to get people to join.

With everything from Bearcat Council, the BOB (Battle of the Bands) Committee, SPECS, and KASAMA, among others, a wide variety of activities and interests were represented at the Expo. In total, over 20 clubs were represented with each one putting an immense amount of effort into decorating their booths, offering snacks or simply walking around the booth with flyers. The energy of the room definitely seemed to be on everyone being introduced to these new clubs, and having the opportunity to decide which ones they wanted to join.

Behind the booths, however, not everything was fun and games with both council members of each club and new students stressing about preparations for the Fair or simply deciding which club to join.

Nonetheless, the Club Expo represents a chance for any student to discover a new passion and find new friends who share the same interests as them whom they might not have gotten to know any other way. “The Club Expo gives students a chance to peruse each and every club, and find something that they like,” said junior and SPECS PRO Amalie S. “It allows people to go out and explore the options they have available, and like find a new hobby,” she added.

Club Expo 2017- DSC_0245.JPG

This means that the Expo can be especially helpful for students new to ISM or even freshmen who are new to High School who are thrust into the HS without really knowing what to do. “It [the Club Expo] can really help people find a group of people who are interested in the same things as them,” said sophomore and KASAMA vice president Sarah G.

“It can help people really find something they’re passionate about. Like, I think it [the Club Expo] was really great for me, because there are so many clubs at ISM, I didn’t know where to start,” remarked freshman Anagha C. “It really helped me find stuff that I was interested in, and what each club was really all about,” she elaborated.

While the Club Expo may now be over, there are still plenty of opportunities for new students to reach out and get more involved in the Bearcat community, so don’t worry if you feel like you missed out this time!