First Season Coach In-Focus: Mr. Berg

Article by Sana Singru

The beginning of September has just dawned upon all of the tirelessly practicing athletes of first season sports, marking the fact that IASAS is drawing closer then ever. With Pre- IASAS right around the corner, teams are working rigorously to get to the level they need to be, for their first encounters against the other IASAS teams. While their efforts are commendable, one must also look at the minds behind the unrelenting practice sessions – and eventual victories- the coaches. One example is Mr Berg: the Volleyball coach for the boys Varsity team. As the coach who has led the Varsity volleyball boys to many successes, such as coming in 2nd at IASAS last year, BT decided to get an insight into his journey in volleyball.

When asked when and why he began playing volleyball, Mr Berg said, “I started playing volleyball when I was in the 6th grade. I used to go and watch my older brother play all the time so I spent a lot of time in the gym messing around”. This spark of interest turned into a passion. He recalls his most memorable moments as the “years playing in IASAS when [he] was a student at SAS”. He reminisced on what he gained from those times, “The bonds and relationships that are made during those tournaments are unbeatable. It was a lot of fun to play in IASAS but it is a lot of fun to coach in IASAS as well” and hence, he feels that he “started coaching for the love of the game”.

Of course, as with anything, coaching brings with it a number of challenges. From his perspective, Mr Berg believes that the most significant task that came with coaching was “Having such a short season to connect with the players and doing all the things you want to do. If we had a full year to work on the skills and develop a team, it would be amazing”. Another difficulty that many of the coaches in this school face is the balance that must be achieved between coaching and teaching. When asked to comment on this, Mr Berg said “It is a hard balance, but if you love what you do, it is always fun”.

Looking forward into the future, Mr Berg was asked of his expectations and hopes of this year’s team, to which he replied, “I hope to be playing in the Gold medal game in IASAS this year. We have a long way to go, but we can definitely get there with some scrappy defence and hard work”. And in regards to the future potential athletes hoping to try out next year, Mr Berg says “The only two things in this world that you can control are your attitude and your effort. If you put forth a good effort and have a good attitude, anything is possible”.

With that in mind, the Bearcat community wishes the best of luck to all the competing teams next week at Pre-I, and especially sends their appreciation to the coaches for their dedication and commitment to the teams.