Article by Jaime Chuidian

With the sudden eruption of unique fitness trends around the world—some revamped classics, some unconventional—they have all met a common goal: keeping fit. Starting from the traditional “going for a jog” to dancing like a monkey in Zumba class, the fitness world has grown beyond simple gym workouts and now appeals to a wide variety of cultures. The best part is, these workouts are effective!

Exclusively in ISM, many students, teachers, alumni and staff all participate in their own unique fitness routines. Some may be looking for a specific training that will benefit a sport they are preparing for, some may just want to lose weight, and some just want to have fun! Either way, participating in one of many popular fitness trends is a great way to meet people, stay fit, or have a good time. As the school year begins, many students and staff are bombarded with work—how can they find the time to balance it all? Well, the beauty of these new fitness trends is that there are so many of them that are both appealing and convenient!

From ISM’s students, Rocio T. and Annika A. are both veterans at their respective popular fitness trend. Rocio and her commitment to spinning has rewarded her with the eligibility of running her very own classes. Rocio says, “I find so much fun and joy every time I ride! After going more than once, you begin to think it’s going to be the same thing, when it is actually so much more!” Rocio heads her spinning passion down at Saddle Row Serendra, and everyone is more than welcome to join! Rumor has it, even some teachers attend her classes! Whereas for Annika, her fitness trend runs on the less-common side of the popularity spectrum. Annika is an avid participant at a club called Flyweight, which centralizes its focus on cardio through boxing. Annika says, “Flyweight is the best way to channel my anger and stress in a healthy manner.” Although the workout sounds rigorous, she highly recommends trying it out. Flyweight is located in Burgos Circle and is a perfect place to workout right after school! If you want to get involved in an innovative method of keeping fit, try some of these!

Remember, taking part in these fitness trends can have so many benefits and is highly encouraged. It’s not just you that wants to stay fit, but the world. So, Bearcats, what in the world are you waiting for? Get out there and find your fitness trend!

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