The Emoji Movie: A Response

Article by Sally Jang

The release of the new animated film, ‘The Emoji Movie’, has garnered mixed responses from critics. While some people are strongly against this movie due to its strong connection to texting, emojis, and overall online communication, Sony has replied that they are expecting an upsurge of supporters for the film, stating that some families are actually quite excited for this, and the public is embracing how much it truly reflects on our current ways.

The movie had a very complicated storyline that nobody seemed to be a fan of, proven by the numerous comments about how the plot did not make any sense. Titled as the “worst movie of summer 2017” by Rotten Tomatoes, the movie revolves around an oddball emoji with the “meh face” named Gene who lives in the interior of a phone, which is entirely populated by emojis. Gene causes chaos when he joins in with the rest of the emojis. As Gene becomes known as a malfunctioning emoji, he goes on a journey to be reprogrammed to fix his “meh” destiny. In this quest, he also encounters “Jailbreak”, a hacker emoji whom Gene thinks can fix his condition. Love blooms between these two, but the audience starts to wonder as the film progresses: does Jailbreak want to help or change the present Gene?

As a viewer, I was not very attracted with the way the movie was presented. The movie clearly depicted how they addressed human emotions in quite a trivial manner, as people’s emotions were represented as emojis in the movie.  This caused me to believe that people are going too far with technology, as people have started to not take human emotions seriously. This movie can add on to the idea about the changing culture, as people are becoming more open to the world of technology, resulting in less interaction and even less sharing of emotions.

Photo credit: IMDb