Article by Cecilia Ignacio

Cross-Country is a first season, individual-team sport. In addition, it requires immense determination and tenacity to keep pace and run around the same track multiple times. So, Bamboo Telegraph decided to interview some cross-country runners on their thoughts and experiences with the sport.

Theda L., a varsity sophomore cross country runner had some intriguing opinions. When asked if she considers cross country to be more of a team or individual sport, she replied by saying that it “definitely has aspects of both,” but seems to be “more of an individual sport because you’re only competing against yourself.” Theda also says that what she enjoys most is the team-bonding and how the members “slowly establish this camaraderie with each other.” However, Theda notes that she thinks the “workouts are the hardest thing about cross country.” When asked for examples, she explained how she has to “run mile reps” and how it is quite the challenge. Nonetheless, she believes that at the end of the day, “it’s all worth it.”

This shows that joining a sport will not only keep one fit and healthy, but also creates a goal to work towards as well as helps in making more friends from batches above and below. “I like to think about after the race and how good I’ll feel,” says Theda. When asked to expound, Theda notes that she “thinks about the food” which she will later on consume and savor after a grueling, yet satisfying race.

Sophomore Agnes R. is another avid cross-country runner. She mentioned that she has to always keeps her pace in mind so that she can adjust and speed up when needed. In addition, what motivates Agnes to run during races is the fact that she “knows she can endure more than she thinks she can.” Similarly to Theda and many other athletes, Agnes is constantly striving to do her best. “I absolutely hate when I don’t accomplish something,” said Agnes. Luckily, Agnes keeps many positive things in mind, such as inspirational characters from her favorite movies who “defy the odds” and are “amazing!”

Ultimately, cross-country is a tough sport in which athletes are responsible for their own progress and overall fitness. However, at the end of the day, it proves to be a fulfilling and exhilarating sport that many people at ISM love and enjoy.


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