Athletics: Better In School or Out?

Article by Kay Shi

It is no secret that ISM offers a vast selection of seasonal and year-round sports every school year; just a few of which are cross country, rugby, and baseball. However, with a student body as diverse as ISM’s, there are bound to be some people who decide that their calling just doesn’t lie with a Bearcat- organized team.

Patrick P. (10),  is one of these people. He trains for rugby and is a talented cross country runner at school, but is also an avid boxer in his free time. When asked about how he balances school work and his extracurriculars, he responded by saying, “I put school work first”. Patrick revealed that he doesn’t have a set regimen for boxing, instead choosing to do it when he has the time to. His goal when it comes to boxing is staying in shape, and he regards the activity as something to do for fun. Generally, he views boxing as “a good outlet for stress and anger.”

Another point of view comes from IASAS cross country runner Theda L (10), who believes that the rigorous cross country training program is enough to keep her fit. She says that the constant workout schedule given covers all the areas of fitness she would like to target and, along with a couple of hours spent at the gym, is a sufficient amount of exercise for her.

Ultimately,  it’s great to see Bearcats find their athletic calling-  whether it be in or outside of school. It allows students to let out anger and de-stress, and is a great way to meet new people and stay in shape. In addition to school sponsored sports, some Bearcats have found their passion in other activities like boxing and dance, to name a few. This diversity in interests when it comes to athletics dramatically enriches student life. It ensures that every student has an ideal source of physical activity, as well as an outlet for their stress, creativity, and individual personalities to shine through.