Robots duke it out, fighting for supremacy. They compete in various trials, trying to determine which is the best of them all. No, this is not the distant future. Instead, it is an event happening right here in ISM. Ever since the start of the ISM school year, students in the  Robotics club have been trying to perfect their robots in preparation for the upcoming Robo Rumble, and all students in the Robotics club, Freshmen to Seniors, have been excitedly waiting for this chance.

Recently, they held the “Trial of the Pushbots”, which was a trial event designed to help students figure how ready they were for Robo Rumble, and this year’s VEX competition, “In The Zone”. Every year, the VEX challenge changes, as they hold the World Championships in Kentucky yearly.

 The VEX competition this year, “In The Zone”, for the most part, consists of the robots trying to place cones on the aforementioned zones. There are two colors of zones, one for each of the teams that is competing, and each of the different zones has a different corresponding point value. More risk, or less reward? That is what students will have to decide as they compete in the challenge.

Every year, it seems as if the Robotics department continues to expand, and this year is no exception. For many of the Robotics club members, this Robo Rumble is the very first one that they are competing in. “I’m both excited, and really nervous,” said Mayako K, a freshman. “I’m excited because it’s the first time I’m competing in a Robotics event like this, but I’m nervous because there are going to be a lot of people competing.” Tensions are high, but it seems spirit levels are high as well, with many people motivated to work and work hard to achieve great things at this upcoming competition.

However, it is not just ISM’s robotics community that is expanding. Last year, students from Taipei American School (TAS) also participated in the Robo Rumble, as well as a number of teams from a number of different schools.  

“This year, I think that the people in ISM will perform at a higher level compared to last year,” Mr. Dingrando, the Robotics teacher added. “A lot of teams have a bit more experience, and the new teams this year have gotten off to a stronger start, so overall, I think they’ll do quite well.”

Although Robo Rumble is not very close yet, the event does seem brighter than ever for ISM’s budding roboticists.

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