Great Works Concert

Article by Ishani Sharma

Photos by Saskia Girald

The Great Works concert is an ISM tradition; it’s an important event for students and faculty alike, as it’s a chance for HS students to display their variety of musical talents. The Great Works Concert showcases pieces from the band, strings, and choir.

Nathan L., a sophomore percussion player says, “The preparation was very chaotic. We didn’t feel as prepared as we probably should have been. For example, during band practice the day before the concert, and even on the day of the concert, we were still messing up on certain aspects of our music, which was a little stressful to say the least. But we pulled through and somehow managed to make it sound good! The audience seemed pleased anyway.”

Kirtana D., a Junior (11), choir member, agrees. “Preparation-wise, it was a bit tough as we didn’t have a lot of time to practice together, and that kind of set us back. We struggled a bit with timing as the band would be playing something different and the choir would be doing something else, so we weren’t entirely together. I think we needed more practice. We practiced on two Saturdays but I don’t think that was enough because we had to combine not only the band, strings, and choir groups, but individual groups like Show Choir and Concert Choir as well. I think we pulled through in the end, though. The concert went well, and the audience really enjoyed it.”

James Y., a sophomore (10), an orchestra member, also said the concert went well, and remarked, “The audience was definitely very supportive of the theme of what we were playing. They stood up the end of the concert for the final piece which was the Hallelujah chorus, and that’s exactly what we wanted. Because everyone knew the piece, it was very satisfying for us to play.”

Meanwhile, Jon N., a sophomore audience member expressed similar sentiments, saying that the finale of Hallelujah was his favorite piece. “It was beautiful, and it was nice to see a combination of both students and teachers present. There were a lot of teachers there that I didn’t know would be performing. Not only that but it was nice to know where the song came from, because the conductor told us the background story. The part that affected me the most was Adam and Justin’s solos because they were so beautiful and elegant, and you could tell that they had played them a million times before, and worked super hard on them. It was just a great concert overall.”

With all the positive feedback the participants in the concert received from audience members, it’s clear to see that the ISM community cannot wait for the exciting upcoming events that the music department has in store!