NHS: Teacher Appreciation Day

Article by Kody Tinga

Day in and day out, the teachers of ISM try their best to help educate their students, although opinions may vary wildly on how those efforts are received or even appreciated. Some people hate their teachers, some people love them. For others, their opinion changes on a near day-to-day basis, depending on whether they got a 7 on that project or a 3 on that end-of-unit test. In any case, though, it was just last Friday that Teacher Appreciation Day was held, allowing students to share their gratitude and leave thankful messages for those who taught them in class. However, this begs the question, who were the ones who were behind this event, organizing all the messages and helping deliver them to all of these teachers?

As it turns out, it was the National Honor Society (NHS) that was behind organizing the bulk of this event, coordinating the delivery of the messages. “We really worked as a society to ensure that all teachers got more TLC on the day itself.” said junior Annika A., the secretary of the NHS. She also added that “[we] had to look around for students that had close connections with each of the teachers, which really took a lot of time and effort.” The effort the NHS put into the effort clearly showed, with dozens of teachers receiving notes of gratitude and thanks.

That was not all the NHS did, as they also decided to hold a teacher brunch to properly show their appreciation for the hard work of the teaching faculty, though this did not come without its difficulties. “I think while planning it, we often underestimate how large the faculty is,” continued Annika A. She added, “There are over 120 teachers and administrators and we have to assure that they each feel the same amount of gratitude.”

It was not just the members of NHS who were excited about the event, with a number of students sharing their excitement about the day itself. “It’s a great opportunity to show our appreciation for the teachers, because a lot of the time they tend to be underappreciated,” said freshman Priyasha C. Fellow freshman Norbu D. shared Priyasha’s sentiments stating, “It’s a chance for us to do good stuff for our teachers because they’ve been pretty good.”

While Teacher Appreciation Day seems to have been a great success for the Bearcat community to show their gratitude towards their teachers, the NHS does not plan to just stop here. “Part of the 4 pillars that the National Honor Society is structured upon is character, and gratitude is a huge part of that,” concluded Annika A. “From little things like giving our teachers our undivided attention and support to thanking them after class and tutorials, we must lead by example in the way we approach these daily situations.”

Teacher Appreciation Day may have already happened, but that does not mean it is too late to give thanks to your teacher. Whether it may be a quick thank you or even a note given to them after class, it does not really matter as long as you make sure that their efforts are not left unnoticed. Isn’t that something that’s needed? There is never a better day to be grateful than today.