HS Play: In The Heights

Article by Seo Young Oh

When we watch a play, we only ever see the bright lights and the shining stars but we often never get to see what’s behind all the glitz and glamour. Much of the effort the cast, crew and director put in is overlooked. In order to recognize their hard work, a few of the members participating in the HS play were interviewed.

Junior Sam M., a member of the band, says, “I think that this year’s HS Play is truly something special and different from what we’re all used to. It’s really amazing how the cast is working on 24-25 songs in the span of 2 months. I think that with the combination of choreography and singing, In the Heights might be one of the best shows that the ISM’s Fine Arts department has produced.”

The backstage crew and production team are doing their best to facilitate the different aspects which are so vital in making this musical worthy of Broadway. However, there are a couple of struggles.


The band has to go along with the singers and make sure the music fits in well with the vocals. The fact that this play is based on Hispanic immigrants living in New York City means that the main actors need to maintain a Spanish accent, which isn’t so easy to develop. But all of these problems are being solved quickly thanks to Mrs. Hillman, Ms. Grev, Ms. Provencher, Ms. Yek, Mr. Naz, and the rest of the production team.

“Compared to the plays in the past, this one has been really challenging because there are 60 cast members that all have to be part of the big scenes,” says junior Subin S., backstage manager. “There’s also a lot of props involved which makes it tiring to run back and forth from the stage to move them. It definitely needs a lot of teamwork and sometimes it’s frustrating, but I’m really enjoying it. I also love that it’s a musical, I think it makes it even more fun than a regular play.”


Junior Annika A., the actress who plays Nina, says, “Being part of the play is a really, really fun experience. At times I get frustrated but I think that through my mistakes and struggles I have improved as an actress. It’s turning out really great so far and I’m very excited for the day that people finally get to see it!”

In the Heights is going to performed on October 19-21. Don’t miss it!