The Rise in Popularity of Horror Films

Article by Amelie De Leon

With Halloween slowly dawning on us, it seems harder for many to get a good night’s sleep without the occasional nightmare of Pennywise or Annabelle. The sudden trend of horror films has definitely made a comeback in today’s generation. With every film in the genre instantly set on earning millions of dollars in the Box Office, it’s no wonder companies continue to produce these flicks! According to, 874 “fear flicks” were produced in the year 2006. However, this number has increased sharply over the last few years. The recent showings of movies such as IT and Annabelle: Creation have caused a wave of students rushing to watch the films with their friends. This leads us to the question most people are unsure of: What has motivated members of our community to watch movies of this genre?

Horror movie fanatic, freshman Natalya G., discusses the reasons behind this trend. “It’s about the thrill of the experience. I live for that. I like making myself feel scared,” she says. Mostly in demand by young audiences, teens long for intense experiences that both stimulate and excite them. Horror movies give them a chance to do so. Horror movies have the ability to affect a person physically and emotionally. The more disturbing or gruesome, the better.

Freshman Johanna O. gives her take on people’s sudden interest in dancing clowns and demonic dolls. “It’s really funny when you’re accompanied by someone. You’re never bored,” she says. The entertainment value of horror films is doubled when watched with friends. It becomes a bonding experience for everyone, as you scream in panic and search for a hand to hold as you calm down. Not to mention, these turn out to be a fun experience during dates. Want your date to hug you and hold you tight? Bring them to a horror movie – boys get scared too.

The consequences of watching horror films may be terrifying, but it’s an experience that is sure to keep you and countless others coming back for more time and time again.