Tryout Advice

Article by Cecilia Ignacio

As second season quickly approaches, athletes are training hard for their respective sport. The main focuses of season two include swimming, touch and rugby, basketball, and tennis. It is common that students are anxious for tryouts and unsure of what to expect. However, there are a variety of accomplished athletes that have already experienced this. Thus, Bamboo Telegraph interviewed several students who have been successful in their respective sports and have some advice for any freshmen or new students interested in trying out.

Sophomore Margaret N. has some useful tips for any new athletes. She is aware that emotions run uninhibited during tryouts. While the feelings of excitement and anxiousness are expected, students are advised to keep calm and remain focused on their goal. According to Margaret, it is important to remember to always play your best and not be discouraged despite any challenges. “Leave tryouts knowing that you did your best, and have no regrets,” said Margaret. When asked to further expound on her tryout experiences, Margaret noted that she realized during her freshmen year tryouts that there is “no need to try and impress the coaches by being someone you are not.” She explains that athletes should keep in mind that making it onto a team as the player you are tells the coaches more about you and can, in fact, help bring out what’s best in you.

Furthermore, the coaches can carefully examine your strengths and weakness and give you constructive feedback, while also planning for any potential roles you may fit on the team. This is a key aspect in every sport since there are different positions students can play.  Sophomore Ian G. said, “make sure to talk to your coaches,” especially because they can give useful advice on self-improvement. Therefore, playing as the athlete you are and maintaining good communication with your coach can help not just the coaches with analyzing your skills to help you further progress, but you, too, in expressing your interests in a specific position.

Though it may sound cliche, the most important thing to remember about tryouts is to give it your all. At the end of the day, students should feel proud of themselves knowing that they gave their best shot. If ever you are nervous, take a moment to breathe and encourage yourself. With hard work and unyielding tenacity, even the most daunting challenges are possible to overcome. Good luck to all the potential second season athletes at next week’s tryouts!