ISM’s Organization Tips and Tricks

By Sally Jang

Because ISM students take part in numerous activities and sports, some students have a hard time organizing their schedule. Especially for students in their junior and senior year, the higher amount of work is synonymous with less time with which to balance all these subjects. Besides being bombarded with schoolwork and extracurricular activities–like the HS play, Saturday services, going to church, spending time family, etc., Bearcats are highly competitive, which makes organization a vital part of our daily lives, helping us stay in tip-top shape constantly. For students who find it difficult to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities, popular organizational strategies, such as keeping a planner or having a file system for old notes and class handouts, exist to help manage stress and keep schedules neat and tidy.


One popular way to stay organized is to create a to-do list either manually or digitally. Some ISM students like Minnie S. and Rika A. are using this method to make sure they are motivated throughout the day. Students can simply buy very handy and budget-friendly sticky notes to create bulleted reminders. If you prefer ticking off accomplished tasks at a touch of a button, a popular way to stay organized is to use a digital monthly planner. Kirtana D. has found this method very useful for her, as it enables her to color-code important events and edit dates for schedules appointments as needed. Additionally, the notification alarm helps remind her that she has assignments or important events coming up soon. Creating a to-do list can be very effective as people spend a significant amount of mental energy trying to remember and keep track of the things they have to do. Exploiting this method will not only ensure you save brain power but also make sure nothing will slip through the cracks.

Another popular way to stay organized is to create a plan and stick to it at all times. Students who tend to lose track of time and get persuaded easily have the tendency to change plans at the last minute and get carried away by other less important things. Kirtana D. said that it is important to stay on task, especially for those who are IB students, because a single day of pushing back homework can lead to a heavy pile of work the next day.

Overall, simple things like these will greatly help ISM students manage their daily schedule while ensuring that they are at their optimal level of productivity.