Opinions on Google Classroom

By Mayako Kruger

We are now  two months into the new school year and among some of the new changes that have been integrated this year is the use of Google Classroom. Before, Google Drive served as the main platform of communication between students and teachers for sharing resources and assignments. However, with technology quickly advancing, ISM is trying out this new system to see if it is more efficient.

Google Classroom enables teachers to easily post and view assignments that students submit. The main difference to Google Drive is its organization. Google Classroom automatically organizes assignments by subject, while Google Drive’s organization is purely up to the student.

The platform, however, is only new to juniors and seniors as freshmen and sophomores have used the platform in middle school. Freshman Chloe V. stated, “I like it because it’s super organized and it gives me notifications on when things are due. Also, it’s a way for teacher to share notes with students.” A senior, Natalia G. said that “Google Classroom works better for some classes more than others but in all it’s a good way for students to connect with their teacher”. Like Chloe and Natalia, many high school students are enjoying the change.

So, you might be wondering, why did ISM switch from an already practical platform? Mr. Collet, the school’s IT Coordinator explained, “2 years ago, MS started to use it a bit and from observing them, other HS teachers did also. It seemed to work really well and teachers had great reviews as did students. Because of this, in order to streamline our systems so the experience for students is similar throughout the grades, we decided to move to Google Classroom in full.”

When asked about future plans regarding the site, Mr. Collet responded, “What I hope to see in the future is more integration with other systems we use so more and more things can go through the one platform, rather than being in different places with different logins. For example, it would be awesome for Turnitin to be integrated so you didn’t have to file things separately into the Turnitin website. Likewise, other services like PowerSchool would be good, but that might be farther off.”

Technology plays a big part in ISM’s education system and testing different platforms are a way to introduce students to new technology. In conclusion, most High School students are finding the switch to Google Classroom helpful to organize and keep all assignments in one place.