First Season Post-IASAS Recap

Article by Kay Shi

In the past few weeks, there was  an unusual hubbub of activity in the halls, a noticeable absence in the student body, and the site has been a lot more busy, all thanks to one thing, IASAS. The events hosted were first season sports, Volleyball, Cross Country and Soccer; Volleyball and Cross Country hosted at SAS, and Soccer being hosted at ISB.

Volleyball players are no strangers to the stress of playing for 25 points, and that anxiety is only magnified on an IASAS court. After winning a hard-earned second place after battling it out with SAS, Katie G (12), opened up about her last volleyball game of  her high school career. She commends her fellow teammates on their performance, saying, “Our team did a lot of work. We practice everyday except for Wednesdays, and always had games on Fridays and Saturdays to practice, applying what we learnt that week. I’ve seen my teammates improve so much into totally new players so I definitely think it paid off! ”. The boys head coach, Mr Berg, stated that his varsity boys team “knew, going into IASAS, that they were not going to physically match up against SAS and TAS,” so his tactic was to “create a smart offense.” The boys needed a team that “had multiple offense tactics; to be smart and not powerful.” After battling hard for the bronze-placing match, the volleyball boys won against ISB, winning 2 sets out of 3, resulting with both of the teams from Manila placing on the podium. Well done, volleyboys and volleybelles!

Although playing in a volleyball game is undoubtedly stress- inducing, nothing quite compares to the feeling you get when you’re 200 meters away from the finish line in a 5k cross-country race. The IASAS cross country teams raced excellently this weekend at SAS, the seven runners from each team are all racing veterans coming out with respectable results: boys in 4th, and girls in 3rd. Freshman runner Alex B. commented, “I think I did pretty good on the 3k; I got my personal best. However, I feel like I went out too fast on the first 2k of the 5k because we were all trying to stay in front of the crowd. I will need to cut down on my time by over a minute if I want to help the team get second next year, but I will be well accustomed to the pressure”. Despite all this, the cross country runners definitely had a most memorable race! Looking forwards to seeing them improve even more by the time next season rolls around!

Last but certainly not least, IASAS Soccer, hosted in Bangkok, saw the girls team walk home with a gold medal; and the boys team coming in fifth. Both teams played with Bearcat spirit; the boys unfortunately losing in the first couple of games, but won against TAS with a score of 1-0 and drew against JIS (1-1) in equally heart-stopping games. The girls, however, didn’t take any losses; leading them to the final against TAS, where they drew 0-0. Girls coach Mr Cooling comments; “Based on a successful year last year in getting a bronze medal, we knew we had to work harder if we wanted to achieve more.” He encourages his team to make mistakes and for players to try new things in order to gain confidence in their plays. However, Coach Cooling concludes that “we cannot fault the team’s performances, attitude, and desire to win.”

In conclusion, the first IASAS of SY 2017-18 has been immensely successful, with  medals and personal records broken. The school community is excited to see what second season will bring! Roar on, Bearcats!